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Make your customers come back through 


KembaQ is a mobile app that lets you set up a rewards system in less than 5 minutes.

The Story

Small and medium enterprises comprise more than 90% of businesses in the Philippines, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia.

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Manage the system and provide the incentives 

During the pandemic, a large part of these SMEs encountered huge challengers, as these businesses struggled to engage with customers. This problem was recognized by the founders, Mr. Paul Espinas and Mr. Arnold Cadag. 

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How it works

Kembaq provides a simple and easy process for businesses to grow their client base through the SME system: 

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Setup the rewards system 

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Manage the System 

Manage the system and provide the incentives

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Expand through promotion, repeat business and referrals

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Help SMEs grow through an innovative & engaging loyalty platform.

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To be number one loyalty platform that accelerates the creation of a sustainable business environment for SMEs by thriving on customer engagement & delight.

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We are kind to everyone, no matter who they are



We do things the best way we can

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Moral Compass 

We make sure we act with integrity and uprightness

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We act with boldness to gain the first mover advantage

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We adapt quickly to the rapid changes of the world


Quality Service 

We ensure that we give the best service to our customers