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5 Top Tips for Attracting New Customers

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

With stiff competition and so many choices flooding the market today, your business has to stand out so that new customers will enter your door. Here are some reminders on how your business can keep growing through first-time customers.


Referrals can be a wonderful way to grow your customer base, don’t be passive and wait for people to find your business, be active and take control. Offer discounts to loyal customers when they bring their friends or family, and then to these new customers if they can do the same! Your customer base will grow so fast. You can also reward first time customers for coming to your business, for example 50% off the first time you buy.


First Impressions are formed so quickly, and reviews may affect them massively. They are so important and can easily sway a customer into dropping by or not. Take a look online to see what people are saying about your business, even thank them for their reviews. If you don’t have many yet, you can even encourage your current customers to write new reviews with rewards or discounts. Make the most of your best reviews and link them to your website and social media!


Register with Google Maps so that you appear on the ‘Near Me’ function. Create a Business Profile and add your business. Then search for your business on Google Maps and claim it as your own. Verify yourself and enjoy the increase in new customers. Improve it further and upload photos of your menu, staff, products and store. Complete a similar process on TripAdvisor and get some good reviews. This adds credibility and will have people rushing in!


Add your business on Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, TikTok and more. According to 93% of marketers, increased exposure for brands is the primary benefit of advertising on social media. Also, research has found that interacting with customers on social media leads them to spend 20-40% more money on products and services. Put your best foot forward on your social media and advertise how great your business is. Use it to engage with customers, and always be helpful and friendly.


For those future customers who happened to walk past your store front, it’s important that your business looks enticing. This means it’s clean, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. It should also be obvious what your business is from the outside, keep it simple and attractive.

So overall, get your company out there and make people notice you! Small improvements to your store front, online and social media presence will change the game. To keep them coming back, and bringing friends and family - use discounts and rewards!

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