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CV Qualities of a Great Service Manager

The world is quickly changing these days and businesses are going to have to keep up. People are more health aware, more eco aware and more internationally minded. The workplace especially is transforming dramatically due to technology, Covid-19 and remote or flexible working, and due to the increasing awareness of the importance of taking time for your mental and physical health. Managers have more to contend with than ever, and certain skills are going to be fundamental when juggling all this.

But don’t worry – I’ve broken down the key characteristics you’ll need to be the best boss possible. Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve already ticked one off! You’ve shown that you’re open-minded and eager to learn just by reading this – nice one! As a modern boss it’s important to embrace the new and be willing to listen and learn from others. For example, did you know that TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021? That it had over a billion users that year? But according to Hootsuite only 14% of marketers intend to up their spend on TikTok? As brands see the value in this as a marketing platform it will saturate, so smart brands are jumping on board now. It takes a fast-thinking boss to see this potential, be open minded to a new platform and hire TikTok content creators from younger generations with this new skillset.

As a manager, you don’t need to be able to create digital content, but you should probably have a good understanding of what it is and how it works, bringing me to my next point. A modern manager has good tech skills. No-one wants a boss that doesn’t understand the link you’ve emailed them 3 times, a boss who can’t share their screen on zoom, or get their head around the new update on their software. With so many markets moving online and embracing the digital world, all bosses are very soon going to need decent tech skills.

The next skill to embrace- flexibility! With the impact of Covid on the workplace and so many jobs becoming part-time or fully remote, flexibility has to be key. More than ever people need time off for their mental and physical health. When employees are able to be attentive and focussed, they will produce better quality work, improving the quality of your businesses service or products. So, it’s really important to be able to roll with the punches on this one, work with your employees to find the right fit for them and be flexible with office schedules.

A simple one to end on, be kind and understanding. Toxic work environments benefit no-one. Modern managers have disregarded the old belief that fear inspires harder work, in reality fear breeds hostility and will result in a high staff turnover rate – never a good thing! Nurture relationships and build trust with colleagues, a good network will support a business.

Oh and also good leadership and team building, but you probably knew that.

If any of these are something you struggle with, here are a couple quick tips to improve your management skills and ultimately your team; look at how people you admire deal with difficult situations and even consider coaching classes. Do meaningful work you believe in and really care about your employees – look for their strengths not their weaknesses, identify their potential and nurture it!

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