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Top Tips for In-Store Advertising

In-store advertising is so important. Studies have shown that as much as 8 of 10 purchases choices are made once the customers are inside the shop. Also, due to Covid-19 and the development of better and better technology, more and more people make these purchase choices independently, or even remotely! The use of salespeople has massively reduced, so in-store advertising has to be the best way to push products with your customers, meaning it has never been more useful.

Firstly, a few useful quick tips!

Your advertising needs to be attention-grabbing. Whether that’s by the use of colour, a catchy slogan or through images, in whichever way you choose, your design should call to your customers. But, it should also be consistent and clear. Consider working with an in-store advertising expert for the best results! Your advertising may be for short term promotions but consider the materials used- their quality, longevity and sustainability. For example, it may be that your signage can be reused which would save money in the long run!

One easy way to make your signage aesthetic and re-usable is to use digital signages. For example, in a restaurant or café, showcase gorgeous photos of your food to really get your customers salivating and tempt them into a purchase. Each day you could promote a different staff member's favourite dish! This can also be a great way to promote your providers and monetizing it can be really beneficial. Other uses can include waiting time display boards, menus, and offers or discounts.

Next up… best places to have your in-store marketing. Windows are a classic and probably the most important. Unlike the others, window adverts may bring in new customers, not just influence the choices of customers already in the store or convince them to return. So, make your window adverts amazing! Secondly, use your surfaces. On countertops and especially by the cashier is a prime position for some promotion. Speaking of your cashier, uniform can be a great promoter tool too. Next up… walls! Keep it fun and classy, there's no need to overwhelm your customers with adverts, but one or two may help push your best products. For restaurants, cafes or bars coasters can be a great tool too. And for cafes or restaurants especially, take-away cups or containers should also promote the brand.

With so many options, pick what’s best for your business, don’t pick them all. If there's a prime location left over, you can always monetize that too 😉.

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